A confident woman is walking down the street. She has perfect (natural) makeup and a nice haircut. She's radiating positive energy. Her clothes fit perfectly, and her outfit is in complete harmony with her accessories.

Is it you? Would you like to be that woman? I am an experienced stylist and makeup artist, and I will show you how to do that.

Confidence and feeling good about yourself positively influence yourwhole life. When we feel good and don't lack confidence, it is much easier to succeed in our working lives and private lives. I want to help you feel great and help you go and make your own luck.

Together, we'll find the clothing and makeup styles in which you'll feel satisfied and even more beautiful. Are you going on a date, to work, or to a social event such as a party? Use one of my services.

Day makeup

Natural makeup that will make sure you look fabulous all day.
This will cover imperfections and accentuate your assets.

Makeup for work

This concerns not only your style, but also - and perhaps more importantly - your profession.

Evening makeup

This will accentuate and highlight your features and charm. Evening makeup differs from day makeup by being bolder.

Makeup for parties and social events

Bold and striking makeup for special occasions.

Makeup for weddings

One of the most important days of your life is usually very long, and you find yourself in the viewfinders of cameras and video cameras all the time.
Very sophisticated makeup from me will last throughout your wedding day, from start to finish.

Photo makeup

Are you going to have photos taken of yourself? Makeup and cosmetics for photo sessions have completely different rules from those for everyday makeup, and you will find it too difficult to get it right without the help of a professional makeup artist. Use professional photo makeup.

Consultation with a makeup artist / HOW TO APPLY MAKEUP

A personal consultation session in which you will learn to apply various types of makeup and understand the basics of makeup.

During the session you will learn:

  • What skin type you have (skin diagnostics)
  • How to provide your skin with basic care
  • How to avoid the most frequent makeup mistakes
  • Which products are the most suitable for you
  • How to manage day makeup (including demonstrations)

Consultation with a stylist / HOW TO DRESS

A personal consultation session during which I will help you choose not only clothes that are stylish and suitable for your body type, but also clothes thatexpress your unique personality and in which you feel great.

During the session you will learn:

  • What your individual style and body type are (body typology)
  • Which clothes you should always have in your wardrobe and how to combine the individual pieces
  • How to enliven your wardrobe and thus ensure perfect styling for yourself
  • What mistakes you make when choosing your clothes and how to avoid them
  • How important a role accessories play in styling
  • What the secret weapons in a woman's wardrobe are

During the consultation session, I can provide other services, such as: wardrobe reorganization + shopping with a stylist.

Is this service suitable for you?

Yes. Styling is a professional discipline, and it is not easy to find one's way in all its areas. Styling consultancy is suitable for everyone. This service is very often used by mothers who have been on maternity leave, for example, and will now return to work and by people who are looking for a new job. However, it will help everyone who wants to feel good and look better and who wants to receive advice on the use of the right makeup and suitable clothing.

Do you have a busy schedule? Never mind. I will be glad to meet you in your favorite café, in the comfort of your office, or in your home…


Photographer Jiri Subrt:
As a photographer, I had a chance to work with many stylists and make up artists who have done really good job and Misa was really the one between them. She has that special gift to highlight the beauty of each model by her makeup and styling. This really helps me to catch the final photo atmosphere. Besides, I know that I can always count on her.

Judge Novakova Michaela:
If someone says professional in visage, make up and styling, it always reminds me Michaela. Her individual approach, professional eye and also very nice attitude makes her number one in this profession and I have never had any worries when asking her for care of my face. She gave me not only tips on how to make make up for long days but she also made my face for special occasions.

Marek Dobes – czech director and actor:
It has been always pleasure to work with Michaela on both video clips and feature films. I have been always fully satisfied with her work and professional approach. Besides, I know that I can always fully count on her. I believe our cooperation has not passed and there will be a chance to cooperate once again in the future.

Simona Angelisova production at Arteffect:
I really like working with Michaela. We have been cooperating on huge creative events and weddings and also have been working for very demanding clients in the Czech republic and also abroad. She is an expert in both - fashion make-up and art make-up. What else, she is not only real profesional, moreover she is very nice, creative and always smiling human.

Iveta Matejkova:
The presidential ball we were invited for together with my husband, needed really professional hands. That was why I have asked my amazing friend Michaela to help me. She helped me to choose fabulous dress and make an excellent make up. What I highly appreciated was also the fact my make up looked awesome not only when leaving for the ball but also when I came back after hours of dancing.

Styling, makeup, and fashion have been a part of my life for many years. First, I finished my studies at a school that specializes in hairstyling. During my travels around the world, which started in Italy and finished in Australia, I became interested in fashion from a professional viewpoint. Gradually, I broadened my skills to become a professional makeup artist and, further, to help women improve their overall appearance, from makeup and hair to the right clothes and shoes. I took part in and completed the longest available makeup course, in the prestigious Make-Up Institute, Prague, a school that covers all makeup styles, as well as completing an intensive styling course. I have a wealth of experience in doing styling and makeup for photoshoots and movies, as well as for private clients, ranging from moms on maternity leave to women who work in the highest managerial positions. You can therefore turn to me with confidence in all areas of women's beauty, be it your face and hair or your whole body, for which I can help you choose clothing and footwear in the right colors, cuts, and materials. I always keep an eye on new trends, and I never stop educating myself. I love my work, and I consider it my mission to help women to be even more beautiful, more attractive, and more confident. I currently work alternately in the USA and in Europe, so I will be happy to help you become more beautiful and more confident on both continents. Please don't hesitate to contact me for an individual consultation.

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